This Is How Much I Made With My Viral Medium Article

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Chrissie Massey
3 min readFeb 25, 2024
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On February 15, I wrote a personal essay about a defining moment in my life when my pastor uncle trashed my self-esteem with one simple comment. I never expected this article to go viral or get boosted. But it did.

The article details how I coped with my uncle telling me that I would never find a man at 16, suggesting I was ugly. He said that I needed to learn to cook to find a man. He compared me to his daughter, whom he hailed as the “most beautiful girl.”

My grandma and great-grandfather stood up for me and put my uncle in his place. They made sure he would never bully me again. As a result, I cut all communication with my uncle and had no contact.

You can read my story below.

Now to the good stuff. I have made $785 (published on February 16). I have 4.7K claps and 94 comments. I have tried to keep up with the comments by clapping, responding, and following people who engage.



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