The Biggest Hobosexual In America Wanted To Move In With Me

Chrissie Massey
3 min readDec 8, 2023
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I have covered my relationship with my ex-husband over many, many stories. He is not a very nice person. He’s verbally abusive, and now, he’s homeless.

His most current ex-wife divorced him in December. Not long after that, she remarried. She allowed him to stay with her and her new husband for several months. Eventually, she kicked him out, and he won’t stop asking me if he can move in with me.

My answer is always the same. No.

I don’t need to give a reason. This is my home. I pay the bills. I have the kids, which I must factor into any decision. Just no.

My Ex Wants To Stay With Me

He messages me on Facebook, his only method of contact, to tell me how awful it is that I won’t help “the father of my children,” adding “he would never do that to me.”

But it’s a lie. He tried to get the kids to hate me. He wanted to erase me for several years. He expected me to allow it to happen, pushing his now ex-wife onto my young children as a mother replacement.

It did not work. She wasn’t me. The kids knew me, and they knew how much I loved them.

I cannot disrupt my life. I know if I did allow him to crash at my place, he wouldn’t find a job or help me in any way. In fact, he would probably make my life way more complicated with his mental issues.

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Homeless, Jobless, And Useless

I have worked hard to have a peaceful life. It’s as calm as it can be with three active teenagers in the home. At the last court appearance, I got full custody of the children from DCF. They were in foster care for ten long, agonizing months.

I worked hard to get the kids home. I obtained a suitable home. I did parenting classes and countless drug tests. Whatever they wanted me to do, I did without complaining.

At one point, I was driving three hours to their foster parent’s home to see them for 45 minutes. He did not do that. He refused to see the kids unless they were brought to…



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