Easy And Delicious Vanilla Sponge Cake Recipe

This vanilla sponge cake passed the harshest critic: my 12-year-old daughter!

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I am new to the world of baking. My husband bought me a cake decorating set. I wanted to make a cake from scratch and not buy a boxed cake to practice cake decorating.

This cake recipe was easy. It has common ingredients that almost everyone has in their kitchen. It’s a soft cake and came out perfect. It even passed the test from my kids, especially my super-picky 12-year-old daughter.

Easy Vanilla Sponge Cake

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One of the simplest and most delicious cake recipes for beginners is a classic vanilla sponge cake.

You can decorate this vanilla sponge cake with a simple dusting of powdered sugar, a basic buttercream frosting, or your favorite frosting and toppings.

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