Angry Mom Slams NYT: ‘Stupidity at Its Finest’ in Daughter’s Gender Transition Coercion

The California mother claims the school coerced her daughter to social transition, winning a $100K lawsuit with the school district.

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I am not sure where I stand on this story. I feel for the mother, who was not told about her daughter’s transition at school. But kids have the right to the freedom to be themselves. Read below and tell me what you guys think.

In a recent interview with Fox News, a California mother spoke out against The New York Times for what she calls “stupidity at its finest.” The mother, Jessica Konen, joined Mark Trammell on Fox & Friends to discuss this important issue.

The woman, Jessica Konen, whose daughter underwent a social gender transition at a young age, believes that the newspaper’s coverage of the topic is biased and harmful to children.

The controversy surrounding gender transitions in minors has been a hot topic in recent years. Some argue that children should have the right to choose their gender identity. In contrast, others believe such decisions should be delayed until they are older and better able to understand the consequences.

Jessica Konen Believes The School Convinced Her Daughter To Transition

The California mother believes that her daughter was coerced into the gender transition by the school and society and influenced by media coverage that glorifies such decisions. In fact, Konen won a $100K settlement with Spreckels Union School district for urging her daughter to “social transition” without notifying her.

Lydia Polgreen wrote the NYT article in question. “The possibility that children might make irreversible decisions on this particular question that they later regret is, for many people, simply intolerable,” Polgreen wrote in her piece titled “Born This Way? Born Which Way?”

Polgreen made her case to allow children to make the decision to undergo gender-affirming procedures, arguing that kids need the freedom to “make mistakes.



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