I have been writing online for 22 years. I worked for big media websites like Yahoo News, Inquisitr, Newsbreak, and Celeb Dirty Laundry. After COVID, I stepped away from it to find peace and let my passion guide my writing.

When not writing, I love watching true crime programs, Lifetime movies, and shitty horror movies. I am married with three teenage children, four adults kids living outside the home, anda crazy unhinged ex-husband.

I am writing a book. I wrote this story for myself to process my relationship weithmy mother . Of course, part of the book is made up, but the details about my character's relationship with her mother are accurate.

In 2022, I foolishly deleted my Medium profile (and my 4K followers and 900 stories). I thought it would stop my ex-husband and his wife from stalking me. It didn't, by the way. I hope to rebuild my following, bigger than I had before.

I will focus on true crime (duh), personal essays, self-improvement, TV and film, and anything else I find interesting. I follow anyone who follows me, and I will read your stories--unlike most who play the F4F game.

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Chrissie Massey

Chrissie Massey

Spent my adult life writing online for many publications — both online & print. Now, I’m finding my voice, and sharing it with the world. she/her